About Lift My Life

Holistic LIfe Coaching is not therapy.  It is learning to connect with oneself in a way that is empowering and autonomous.  It is not a never-ending process, but rather a journey towards enlightened awareness.  Whatever religous or non-religious beliefs a client has will fit perfectly into this process.  We do not seek to change foundational beliefs, but to allow our clients to become aware of habits of thought and deed that are keeping them from living their highest calling in the most gentle and calming of ways.

About Carol

A little about me..
My personal mission statement is to live a heart centered life that expresses who I am in such a way as to inspire others to live their best lives, expressing their best selves.

It is my goal to help bring to light that which you may have forgotten about yourself. Our time is one of distraction and influence. Most people only know themselves through the lens that is the judgment of others. Parents, teachers, expectations, demands... just LIFE is so in our faces that it has become normal to not know who we are anymore or what we truly want in our lives.

It is my personal goal to help people see through the noise and clutter of modern society and get back to the truths of their being.   So often we feel we are stuck and that we cannot, due to life circumstances, live the life we KNOW we were born to live. I have lived these principles and I am honored to be able to present these ideas in workshop form to anyone who has a desire to start living the life of their dreams!

You are unstoppable.... Until you stop yourself <3